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Korzystam z systemu Windows Vista. Czy produkty Rimage mogą pracować pod tym systemem?

So. Windows Vista Buisness, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003, Windows7 operating systems are supported.

Posiadam system Rimage. Czy muszę go rejestrować?

So. The trial program runs for 30 days. After that, it is necessary to register the system on the manufacturer's website. Each Rimage device comes with management program discs, where you will find the special codes you need to register.

Czy na systemach Rimage można personalizować płyty?
That's how it's po
Czy systemy Rimage mogą drukować kody kreskowe?
Co oznacza litera „N” w nazwie, w systemach Rimage?
le. Yes.The letter "N" on producer and professional systems means that the device has an integrated computer and a robot in one housing.
Czy we wszystkich systemach Rimage można jednocześnie ładować płyty CD i DVD?
Not. This is not possible with Rimage 2000i systems. In other systems, yes. T
Jaka jest róznica pomiędzy drukarką Prism a Everest?
he Prism printer is mainly designed for monochrome (single-color) printing, and Everest for color prints comparable to offset printing.
Jaka jest odporność nadruków w systemach Rimage?

The least resistant is the inkjet printing with Rimage 2000i, it can be compared to ink printing on paper. The thermal transfer print is waterproof (Prism), but it is not heat resistant. Thermal transfer printing (Everest) is the most resistant, it is destroyed with mechanical destruction of the plate.

Czy używając systemów Rimage mogę użyć dowolnej płyty do nadruku?

Not. The plates should be adapted to the type of printer your system is equipped with (other for inkjet printer, others for thermal transfer).

Czy system Rimage 2000i ma własny komputer?

Not. An additional control unit is needed.

Czy system Rimage 2000i może pracować w sieci?

Yes, if you have OfficeNET Software Suite. It is a network program with an unlimited number of users.

Czy przy pracy w sieci system Rimage 2000i może pracować z jednostką sterującą wyposażoną w jeden dysk twardy podzielony na partycje?

Not. If rimage 2000i is to operate on a network with full load and maximum efficiency, the control unit must have three drives (minimum 10,000prm).

Na ile wystarczają atramenty w Rimage 2000i?

The manufacturer states that the color ink is sufficient for 350 pieces of plates (with 100% cover of the disc with a resolution of 4800dpi), and black for 1000 plates (with 5% plate cover). Experience has shown that inks are sufficient for 280 – 950 plates depending on the design and print resolution.

Czy Rimage 2000i posiada oddzielne atramenty kolorowe?

There is one CMY cartridge.

Gdzie znajduje się nr seryjny i hasło oprogramowania oraz nr seryjny urządzenia (dane te są niezbędna do zarejestrowania oprogramowania)?

The serial number and password of the software is adged on the inside of the envelope with rimage 2000i Software board (not to be wrong with rimage officenet board). Just pull the disc out of the envelope and you can read the data in a transparent window.
The format of this data is serial number:
five digits, e.g. Serial Number. 12345
Password: letters P and W + five digits, e.g. PW1234
5 The serial number of the equipment can be read from the carton where the device was packed or from the device nameplate located on the back of the case near the power outlet or under the front cover of the printer on the left. All these numbers should match. The seria
l number consists of eight digits.

Co zrobić gdy oprogramowanie Rimage 2000i lub OfficeNet nie rozpoznaje nagrywarek?

Please update the drivers. To do this, download the latest SERVICE PACK from the manufacturer's website and install it into an existing version of the software. The latest package can be found at the following a
2000i.htmlIf the recorders are still not properly detected by the operating system and are not visible in the device manager and/or are not detected by rimage software, this indicates damage to the device.

Co zrobić gdy, wyświetlacz LCD na urządzeniu pokazuje nieprawidłową ilość płyt w podajniku?

To correct the plate counting error in the input magazine, calibrate the position of the arm relative to a single plate in the magazine
. To do this, hold down the operator button on the device for a few seconds (i.e. button with an orange LED in the middle next to the display). The device should go into diagnostic mode. Then press the operator button three times and hold the button for a while the third time. This triggers Test 3. Then place one plate in the tray and press the operator button. The robot arm should go down, grab the disc and put it away. Then the device restarts automatically and is ready to go after a while.

Co zrobić gdy, drukarka nic nie drukuje, drukuje z przerwami lub drukuje błędnie kolory?

First of all, make sure that the installed carcasses are not empty or dried, especially if the color file has all three primary colors. To do this, pull out the ink trays and apply the print head to soft paper (e.g. paper towel or handkerchief). On paper should be black or three-color trace. Longer period of non-use of the printer ( approx. 2-3 weeks) causes the nozzles in the print head to stick to the ink. To do this, start the nozzle cleaning procedure until satisfactory results are obtained in print quality. If this fails after several attempts, replace the ink collection(s). If
the inks turn out to be smooth and the printer prints nothing on discs, reinstall the printer driver. To do this, it is best to install the latest SERVICE PACK containing the latest driver for the 480i printer, or simply remove it from the operating system (control panel -> printers and fax machines). Then restart the workstation and the printer should automatically detect itself and automatically search for its driver. Further problems with the print or installation of the printer indicate damage to the printer.

Czy można samodzielnie napełniać puste zbiorniczki z tuszem i czy istnieją tanie zamienniki?

Any attempt to interfere with the ink tanks may damage the printer and loss of warranty. Non
-genuine inks will not be recognized by the printer. The printer will burn a LIGHT indicating that there is no i
nk. Original collection designations ar
e:C8857a – COLOR print cartridge, 17m
lC8856a – BLACK print cartridge, 19ml

Co zrobić gdy, ramię robota nie chce pobierać płytek z podajnika , w logach pokazuje się komunikat „Error gripping disc from input bin” lub pobiera kilka płytek na raz?

Please check that the plates in the tray are not glued together. Often, for low-quality media, the print layer is slightly sticky and the pressure causes them to clump.
When the discs turn out to be okay and the problem persists then update the internal software of the driver with robotics. To do this, download the latest version as a Rimage 2000i Autoloader Firmware binary from the manufacturer'
s website:
me_Rimage2000i.htmlThen, using the Programs->Rimage->Utilities-> GEMINI UTILITIES program, you must update the firmware by running the UPDATE FLASH FIRMWARE procedure. During this procedure, the PROGRAMMING message should appear on the display of the device… Before you begin this procedure, we recommend that you close all running applications as well as do not run any applications during the process itself. Note!!! 
When reprogramming flash memory on the controller, there must be no interruption in the transfer of data from the computer to the device.
Do not turn off both the device and the computer during this time. As a possibility, you need to protect yourself from a sud
den lack of power supply. If you have any doubts, please contact Alstor SDS.  Further disc retrieval problems indicate damage to the robot arm.

Jakie należy stosować płyty do nadruku?

The easiest way to stock up on rimage's original Media Kit is with recommended media and ink cartridges. Both CD and DVD versions are available. Beware of non-corporate boards, the low price of which is achieved at the expense of the quality of workmanship of both the recording and printing layers.

Na jakich systemach operacyjnych można zainstalować oprogramowania do Rimage 2000i?

Compatible operating systems:– W
INDOWS 2000 SP4 –