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Rimage printers offer reliable quality and high-end onboard printing. The manufacturer's offer includes devices for inkjet and thermal transfer printing. With rimage devices, you can have a professionally manufactured board even with a single effort. Find the printer that best suits your needs.

Auto Everest

Auto Everest is a cd and DVD printing machine. It has 4 feeders and 100 discs each and the possibility of serialization of discs. Equipped with rimage everest encore printer, it enables high-quality thermal transfer printing on plates. Achieves photorealistic print resolution.

Auto Prism III

Auto Prism III is a cd and DVD printing machine in just 7 seconds. It has 4 trays of 100 plates each. Equipped with Rimage Prism III printer, which enables high-quality thermal transfer prints on discs. The print resolution achieved is 300×600 dpi.

Everest Encore

Rimage's latest thermal transfer printer. Everest Encore allows high-quality prints on CDs/DVDs. The latest technology achieves photorealistic printing resolution with four times the number of points per square inch. The resolution of the latest printer is 600×600 dpi, which gives you 360,000 points. This increases the print quality of especially lowercase letters, all within 60 seconds of starting the printing process. Everest Encore is a printer that does not recognize compromises.