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The Professional Series is a range of devices with a focus on print quality. The devices in this series are equipped with full-color Everest printers with excellent print quality.

The printing time on this printer does not exceed 70 seconds, even with a very complex design and the highest quality setting. The circuit boards on these printers are characterized by exceptional resistance to moisture and other weather ingress, as well as scratches. The destruction of the print leads almost always to the destruction of the media. The Professional II series is recommended wherever optical media are often used, or there is a need for fast production of a dozen or dozens of discs. The devices have 1 or 2 DVD or BD drives and magazines for 150 discs. The range of these devices is extensive and there are fourteen different configurations possible. The new series has been equipped with a light indicator of the condition of the device, an external magazine for 50 pcs. media (optional) and the USB port on the front wall. Each device is accompanied by a management program with very high capabilities and easy intuitive operation. The program allows you to:

  1. Fully automatic operation of the system using the environment for software using the SDK. This automatically creates individual optical media or a series of discs with different data and print. The device then starts through other programs or applications.
  2. Work your device on a network for an unlimited number of users, including customers with Apple computers (optional).
  3. Create your own avoided publication on optical media by easily designing disc prints with the possibility of using projects from other graphics programs or creating your own project with a description, or using existing ones, added free of charge by the manufacturer.
  4. Create a work queue.
  5. Provides information about the state of the system: e.g. the amount of clean media, the work done, the amount of supplies remaining in the printer.
  6. Making short series of discs.
  7. Fast implementation of the project.
  8. Serialization of discs, using a simple database e.g. Exel. Each print is unique.
  9. Very fast production of a single disc, thanks to a special application that allows you to burn discs in "flowing technology".
  10. Work with third-party applications, such as Google Play. archiving P2HD cards from digital cameras, or Perennity Audio Extractor, which allows you to "read" by Rimage Audio discs and convert to MP3 files.
Professional 3410

The Professional 3410 duplicater is the ideal model for use under low to medium loads. Designed to work in offices, as well as wherever optical media is needed. Despite its small size, the device is able to burn and print up to 18 full DVD-R discs (4.35 GB) or 34 full CD-Rs (696 MB) in an hour.

It combines exceptional Data Streaming™, accelerated tray closing speed and a very fast recorder: faster robotics, the most advanced overprint technology on the market, and world-class software performance and control. It has the ability to perform two different projects simultaneously and serialize discs. Supports Blu-Ray media.

New properties:

  • exclusive Data Streaming technology™
  • hardware interface for 2x faster data flow
  • new robotics software
  • work status
  • easier access to printer spare parts
  • internal lighting for easy checking of the status of the plate magazines
  • automatic transport of plates
  • instant reading from the display – operating status and system

The 3410 uses the high-quality Everest 400 thermoretranfer printer for very durable prints. Media can be stored for many years without any prejudice. The 3410 also offers professional tools for high-quality, CD/DVD/BD media. The most important are:

  • creating professional-looking plates with the perfect color print;
  • archiving digital information on CD/DVD/BD media, using rimage media kit for the highest quality;
  • the ability to use the professional system 3410 together with other departments, when connected to the corporate network;

Range of applications:

  •  Archiving and storing data
  •  Government agencies, administration
  •  Medical imaging
  •  Education
  •  Distribution of software and video games
  •  Audio-video production

Features 3410

  • a rotating magazine with up to 150 plates, which can be configured for receiving and feeding
  • external magazine with 5 plates or 50 plates (optional)
  • light indicator of the status of the duplicater
  • USB port on the front of the device
  • 2 quick-change DVD or BD burners for burning or copying various types of discs
  • integrated high-resolution EVEREST 400 colour thermal printer for perfect waterproof prints
  • fast export from digital media and automatic recording on optical media
  • automatic description of the media (time, date)
  • easy media identification

The following applications are available as standard:

  • QuickDisc™ – pc job creation software
  • CD Designer™ – pc overprinting software
  • WebQD™ – a software client that allows you to outsource tasks from any computer that has a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
  • WebRSM™ – remote system management and monitoring software client
  • System Manager – a complete application for system management
Rimage Software Suite

With Rimage Software Suite included, all Rimage duplicaters are designed to work on a network that can be used by an unlimited number of customers. In addition, the program-integrated and customer-specific API environment enables fully automated operation of the device. The friendly interface allows you to prepare and connect data files to graphic files and creates the possibility of collecting them. Rimage Software Suite also controls the runtime device (duplicater) and keeps you informed of its status.

Rimage Software Suite includes:

  1. Quick Disc
  2. Production Server
  3. Rimage System Manager
  4. CD Designer
  5. WebQD
  6. WebRSM


  • Prepares and transmits the work for recording and printing.
  • It makes it easy to create work step by step (select a task, add data, add a label, enter the number of discs produced).
  • Supports different types of CDs/DVDs/BDs.
  • Sets the queue and monitors the work.
  • Saves an image of the disc you are reading or copying.
  • Saves the work for later use.

Production Server:

  • It allows you to control and control the recording and verification, overprinting of discs, robotics of the device.
  • It supports and monitors workflow processes (initialization, termination, invalidation).

Rimage System Manager:

  • Rimage System Manager allows you to set both the work queue and contact with an external client – the network.
  • Allows you to control the publication of discs by network users (recording of the station from which the work was commissioned and in what quantity, archiving in the database).
  • Supports device access protection system.
  • Completes the outsourced and interrupted work (e.g. lack of power).

CD Designer:

CD Designer is an easy, convenient application for creating or importing labels that will be printed on the surface of CDs/DVD/BD discs. It also allows you to add the background color of the disc, text, photographs, variable field (text, date, number), bar code. It is installed as a separate program and displays from the main menu.

  • Simple step-by-step action.
  • The ability to quickly center an image or text on a disc.
  • Preview when you create a project (the background or photo areas in the disc's print box are more lightened – immediately verifying that important data or elements are in the overprint box of the disc).
  • Add graphics, text, object, photos in different formats.
  • Choose simple examples and templates for quick label design.
  • Supported file formats: BMP, DCX, DIB, DXF, EPS, IMG, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG.
  • The ability to add text in variable fields (merge) using data files, or databases.
  • The ability to add 22 types of barcodes, support two variants of UPC, four regional codes including Australian.


It is an application that allows you to commission a duplicater rimage by any computer with a web browser installed (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Performs similar functions as QuickDisc.


An application that allows you to monitor and control the system through a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Performs similar functions as System Manager.