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A combination of a high-speed recorder, a color inkjet printer, and a functional software package. Rimage Allegro disc burning systems are equipped with professional Rimage software, creating the ideal solution for producing high-quality discs at low or medium volumes. The next-generation high-speed inkjet printer prints graphics to full-color discs.


Size tailored to your needs
Choose the model that best suits your needs. Allegro 20 is a cost-effective solution for small publications, equipped with a single burner and magazine with up to 20 discs. Allegro 100, on the other hand, has two recorders and two magazines, which can fit a total of as many as 100 discs. Both models have standard CD/DVD burners, which can be extended with a Blu-ray burner if necessary™ option.

Print in seconds
Rimage Allegro's advanced controls make it only six seconds to print color on the entire surface of the disc – making optical media instantly published.

Software package
Rimage Software Suite (RSS) is a proven software suite that has been improved for many years. Allows grant access to rimage allegro to any user on the network (also via the Internet, without the need to install the software). Automated import, processing, and publishing capabilities are ideal for small offices and clinics that both receive and distribute data.

Rimage software package offers the most advanced API on the market. Its networking features and two-way connectivity allow you to work with any other program. In places where Rimage software is already installed, you can start working with Allegro systems immediately.


  • Capacity 20 (Allegro 20) or 100 (Allegro 100) discs
  • External plate output for simultaneous use of both magazines (applies to Allegro 100)
  • One (Allegro 20) or two (Allegro 100) CD/DVD burners (Blu-ray option)
  • Pakiet oprogramowania Rimage Software Suite
  • 4800 dpi color inkjet printing
  • All-in-one ink cartridges (1 piece – color cartridge)
  • USB 3.0 connectivity speeds up data transfer
  • Internal lighting to check the status of the device